Seizing the Moment: the Reality of Being in the Moment

When you relax in the moment, you are priming the most creative part of your brain, the visualization center in the posterior part of the brain. You supercharge your creative thinking by turning on these visualization centers. It’s not clear why that is, but the observation is right there in living Technicolor. When you relax […]

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Philadephia Church of God leads Laodicean era (conclusion)

What’s BEWILDERING to me is the different responses I’ve
received from several of God’s ministers who have read Beyond
Babylon – towards it and me – before and after Mr. Leap’s
PARTIAL review! (Malachi 2:9).

When I faithfully sent a computer disk with my book on it to
minister Wayne Turgeon, he graciously read all of it and
responded: […]

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Wise men avoid arguments.

Personally I always avoid arguments whenever I can. I grew up in a household without conflict at a significant level. I’m reading about the futility of arguing here are a few people who agree.

“Men (people) must be taught as if you taught them not and things unknown proposed as things forgot.” Alexander Pope.

” You cannot […]

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Chess – The Game Of Skill

“Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind.” – Bobby Fischer.

Chess, the most popular game in the world, has a long history dating back more than a thousand years. Board games similar Chess have been discovered on ancient Egyptian sculptures. Handwritten manuscript, over a thousand years old, referring to […]

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What Does it Mean to Love God Above All?

In my point of view, to love God above all, it means that we should make Him be the center of our life. Being a Christian, it is one of our duties to stay focus on the light, the source of knowledge, guidance and strength. Without God, we are nothing. We are vanities in all […]

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Jesus Christ, Superman Part Three

It’s a bird. . It’s a plane. . No! It’s Jesus Christ, Superman, Savior of the world! Jesus had to be attuned to the spiritual part of life so He could do battle with more than the seen of our present day world. He had to do battle with Satan and the […]

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A Desperate Matter – Spirituality Information

Tom was a wonderful human being. He was kind, caring and helpful to all those who sought his assistance. The only problem was that most of us did not like to be around Tom. Much as he tried to be a “good” person, there was always an aura of doom and gloom around him. It […]

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Chinese Martial Arts

China, the world’s largest country by population, is widely regarded as the home of martial arts and is the birthplace of numerous diverse styles.

Modern Chinese martial arts can trace their origins to a number of sources, including ancient military skills, the Buddhist martial arts that evolved out of the Shaolin temple, the Daoist martial arts […]

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Mother of Three Finds Freedom, Flexibility and Success in Less Than One Year as a Home Stager

Kakoschke gone into the field of home staging with the goal of getting a guaranteed job at $31.45 per hour, it’s safe to say things would have worked out much differently for her.

This Staging Diva Graduate and founder of Hunter Lake Home Staging and Design says of this, her second chance career, “I made more […]

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Jerries and Toms

Oft we watch Tom and Jerry cartoon and oft we wish to become Jerry. His boldness always incites us to bell the Tom and live a smooth and happy life. The cartoon goads us to do such a thing as would teach a lesson to the cats.

But alas! It is not possible .it is impossible […]

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